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About Me

my name is keenan reed and there's a photo of me to the right.

I'm a photographer, a daydreamer, and a romantic.

I am deeply intrigued by the intricacies of the human condition and what makes us all tick, what fuels our every action and thought.  I strive to explore the depths of a person capturing every unique and unseen perspective to unearth all the beauty beneath that we all contain within.


My studio sessions are a safe haven for my subjects.  It is a space you can come into wearing your armor and residing safely within your castle walls.  it is a space where I toss a hammer over those walls encouraging you that it's okay to reveal yourself.  To break down all that shields and covers, leaving your bare and honest and your true self.  In fact it is beautiful.  and so is the perspective of which my images are made.


The marble slab is from Fresno, CA.  still chiseling away at it in Los Angeles.

Not too sure what the final form is or should be, but that's life.  and I look forward to every refined curve as much as I embrace every chiseled piece upon the ground.

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