About Me

What's up I’m Keenan.  the short version is I love visual arts, and I’m emotionally moved by music.  So here’s the longer version:

I started dancing in hip hop classes around the age of eight.  It was the only solution my mom could come up with to provide a space for my brother, Taylor and I to move in that wasn’t the living room furniture.  Oh, and we had to wear clothes and listen to hip hop music in class rather than just our underwear and my mom’s Sting albums.  Turns out there are more moves than tour poses and shapes on the coffee table.

I grew up surrounded by art having attended an art school and having an artistic family.  My mom was a ballet dancer and my dad was a photographer.  My brother Taylor is a composer, and my brother Blaine was always partial to charcoal.  Over the years I’ve picked up a variety of talents and hobbies as a result of my diverse craving for new and unique outlets and my family’s artistic influence.  I tried a variety of things from drumming to archery and other activities or skills that brought me joy.

At the end of the day, I was obsessed with all things art, technology, and unique.  Things that I didn’t see people pursuing the way that I perceived them.  I wanted to stand up and give my passions a proper pursuit.  Damn, there's a lot of "P" words in this paragraph.

I attended Fresno State for two years after high school before dropping out and moving to LA in 2012 to chase my professional dance dream.

I’ve been an LA resident for about eight years now.  Over those years I’ve met some immense talent, have booked some incredible jobs, and have learned so much about this life and myself.  I picked up photography at one of my old jobs in 2016 where they needed product photography.  now I’m entirely obsessed with capturing the soul and the unique personality of my subjects and creating the most visually captivating and compelling art that I can for commercial, editorial and advertising clients.

And that’s the abridged cliff notes of my story.  Art is my expression.  It's my place to personify my romanticism, give life to my imagination.  I want to share that with everyone.

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